New Resources for Pathways to Grade-Level Reading

Shared Measures of Success to Put North Carolina Children on a Pathway to Grade-Level Reading is a new report that outlines the research basis behind the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Measures of Success Framework:

Also, Pathways is inviting people and organizations to become Pathways Partners.  This is a link to the Pathways Partners guide and a quick survey that lets people/organizations sign up as Pathways Partners or Pathways Business Partners:

In addition, we are working with our partners to ensure that the recommendations made by the Pathways partners at the state level are informed by the reality that parents and families are experiencing. NCECF had created a parent survey, put it up online as part of a partnership with EdNC’s Reach NC Voices project, and are disseminating it with the help of great partners like you. By request, NCECF had the survey translated into Spanish. Links below include (1) a “long” version that includes questions about parents’ interactions with providers in the health arena, at their children’s child care and schools, in their communities, and also what they want decision-makers to know about their family, and (2) shorter versions that each focus on one of those areas. Please select whichever version you think is most relevant for your parents. Also included below is an image in Spanish if you want to put the survey on a website or in a newsletter. If they text the number on the image, they will receive a text version of the survey.

Download the survey in English or Spanish.

Please return completed surveys to:
NC Early Childhood Foundation,
907 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh NC 27605

  1. NCECF Survey (long) -E/S –
  2. NCECF Doctors  – E/S –
  3. NCECF Legislators – E/S –
  4. NCECF Child care centers – E/S –
  5. NCECF Community – E/S –
  6. NCECF Service providers – E/S –

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