The NCPC Board of Directors is made up of members representing state agencies, private business, education, nonprofits, religious organizations, child care providers, parents and members of the General Assembly. The governing board provides oversight and develops policy for Smart Start programs and services. The board is also responsible for ensuring Smart Start accountability. The board meets four times a year.

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Board Members

Dr. Rebecca Ayers
Ms. Lorie Barnes
Dr. Nancy H. Brown, Chair
Ms. Cheryl Cavanaugh
Dr. Mandy Cohen
Mr. J. Patrick Danahy
Mr. Robert L. Eagle, Vice Chair
Ms. Martha Jane Eblen
Mr. J. Zachary Everhart, Treasurer
Ms Monika J. Hostler
Ms. Marie Inscore
Hon. Mark Johnson (designee Mr. John Pruette)
Dr. Melissa R. Johnson
Rev. Stanley A. Lewis
Ms. Anna Mercer-McLean
Mr. Charles Morris
Mr. James Morrison
Dr. Paul Popish
Mr. Douglas Punger
Ms. Sue Russell
Dr. Rosemary Stein, Secretary
Dr. James “Jimmie” C. Williamson (designee Dr. Lisa Eads)
Ms. Dorothea J. Wyant