Executive Offices

Cindy Watkins, President 919-821-9501 cwatkins@smartstart.org
Donna White, Vice President 919-821-9561 dwhite@smartstart.org
James Dodson, Cheif Operating Officer 919-821-9550 jdodson@smartstart.org
Maura Pherson, Executive Assistant 919-821-9503 mpherson@smartstart.org



Heather Strickland, Communications Director 919-821-9564 hstrickland@smartstart.org
Eric Forehand, Design and Brand Developer 919-821-9572 eforehand@smartstart.org
Jessica Griffin, Fund Development and Events Manager 919-821-9528 jgriffin@smartstart.org
Yvonne Huntley, Communications/Development Specialist 919-821-9573 yhuntley@smartstart.org
Michael Leighs, Policy Officer 919.821.9532 mleighs@smartstart.org


Partnership Engagement

Christina DiSalvo, Engagement Director 919-821-9575 cdisalvo@smartstart.org
Susan Armstrong, Engagement Specialist II 919.821.9577 sarmstrong@smartstart.org
Christine Bauer, Lead Fiscal & Training Specialist 919-821-9513 cbauer@smartstart.org
Susan Hanyak, Engagement Specialist I 919-821-9504 shanyak@smartstart.org
Tom Mitchell, Fiscal & Training Specialist 919-821-9521 tmitchell@smartstart.org
Lauren Walker, Engagement Specialist II 919-821-9533 lwalker@smartstart.org


Early Childhood Systems

Diane Umstead, Early Childhood Systems Director 919-821-9502 dumstead@smartstart.org
Wren Davisson, Shape NC Project Coordinator 919.821.9566 wdavisson@smartstart.org
Lakeisha Johnson, Program Officer - Health 919.821.9565 lajohnson@smartstart.org
Ebonyse Mead, Program Officer - Family Support 919-821-9563 emead@smartstart.org
Jenna Nelson, Program Officer - Early Care and Education 919-821-9548 jnelson@smartstart.org
Zen Shoemaker, Project Administrator 919.821.9591 zshoemaker@smartstart.org
Stephania Sidberry, Strategic Initiative Manager 919-821-9507 ssidberry@smartstart.org



Ellen Preston, Finance Director 919-821-9530 epreston@smartstart.org
Susan Clark, Monitoring Manager 919-821-9527 sclark@smartstart.org
Whitney McKinley, Budget Assistant 919-821-9505 wmckinley@smartstart.org
Harry Stephens, Financial Monitor 919-821-9516 hstevens@smartstart.org
Shayla Taylor, Accounts Payable shtaylor@smartstart.org
Michael Viar, Contracts Officer 919.821.9576 mviar@smartstart.org
Holly White, Financial Monitor 919-821-9523 hwhite@smartstart.org


Research & Evaluation

Kim McCombs-Thornton, Research & Evaluation Director 919-821-9570 kmccombs-thornton@smartstart.org
Joanne Brosh, Research Associate 919-821-9580 jbrosh@smartstart.org
Meshell Reynolds, Program Research Assistant 919-821-9567 mreynolds@smartstart.org
Ann Spence, Quality Assurance Specialist 919-821-9556 aspence@smartstart.org


Budget Office

Laura Hitt, Budget & Compliance Officer 919-821-9510 lhitt@smartstart.org


Human Resources

Marie Moore, Human Resources Officer 919-821-9525 mmoore@smartstart.org


Information Technology

Scott Lodder, Information Technology Director 919-821-9552 slodder@smartstart.org
Jonathan Moore, Systems Administrator II 919-821-9506 jmoore@smartstart.org



Kara Lehnhardt, E-learning Initiatives Manager 919-348-0232 klehnhardt@smartstart.org
Cheryl LaStella, e-Learning Specialist 919.821.9526 clastella@smarstart.org


Technical Writer

Anne Weinfeld, Technical Writer 919-821-9562 aweinfeld@smartstart.org