Early Education Boosts NC’s Economic Recovery-New County Data!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 | Author: Eric

North Carolina’s economy depends on quality child care. The early care and education system:

  • Allows parents to work, earning nearly $12.5 billion each year for our state.
  • Generates $1.7 billion annually
  • Employs 50,000 North Carolinians
  • And most importantly, it builds human capital, laying the groundwork for the state’s future success.

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development has written a report on the economic impact of investments in early care and education in North Carolina. Download the 2011 Economic Impact Report.

Preview: The Economic Impact of Investments in Early Care and Education in North Carolina - Executive Summary

Read the statewide report, then open the new widget below to find out how early education impacts your North Carolina county.

Economic Impact Cover

Share a link to this webpage with legislators, business leaders, and others to explain what the research makes clear: Investments in early education are the wisest investments we can make.

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