Ready Schools Toolkit, Part 2 — for Communities: Leaders and Leadership

Thursday, May 05th, 2011 | Author: Kimberly

Collaborative leadership is key to the success of Ready Schools Initiatives. The Community-District Team brings together school, district, early childhood, business, and community leaders as well as families to guide the development and communication of a clear vision, mission, and goals of a community action plan. The action plan must address the needs of the schools/district to support the transition from home and the early childhood community to the schools/district, recruitment of diverse stakeholders in collaborative efforts to serve PreK-3 children and their families, and education of the community about issues related to early childhood education and what it means to teach all children effectively.

Download Pathway One: Leaders & Leadership from the Ready Schools Toolkit, Part 2.

Download Appendix B, Resources for Leaders and Leadership.

Selected Leaders and Leadership Resources:


Annie E. Casey Foundation:

This page features an annotated list of publications from the Annie E. Casey Foundation Leadership Development Portfolio.

BUILD Strong Foundations for our Youngest Children:

BUILD works to develop comprehensive early childhood development systems by working with states, agencies, and organizations to develop a system of programs, policies, and services that respond to the needs of young children and their famililes.

Early Childhood Learning and Policy Network:

This network represents a collaboration between the faculty at UNC Greensboro, North Carolina A&T, UNC Charlotte, and Wake Technical Community College. They provide resources and policy papers to support the development of a network of university and community leaders that work together to facilitate leadership and affect policy development that promotes high quality early childhood education for all children.

National Institute for Early Education Research:

NIEER engages in and disseminates research about the physical, cognitive, and social development impacts of early childhood education.


Vision, Mission, and Goals from Catawba County Ready Schools

Action Plan from Davidson County Community-District Ready Schools Team



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