Each year in North Carolina, 21,000 children are born to first-time, low-income mothers who are at the greatest risk of suffering health, education and economic disparities – disparities that perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty. No matter how a new mother arrives at this situation, there’s no doubt the quality of her life – and her baby’s – depends on crucial choices in the next few years.

NFP is a nationally recognized, evidence-based nurse home visitation program for first-time, low-income mothers. Through ongoing consultations in the mother’s home, registered nurses work to:

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve child health and development
  • Increase the economic self-sufficiency of the family

The program lasts from pregnancy until the child turns 2.

In North Carolina, Nurse-Family Partnership has served 2,397 mothers, welcomed 1,573 babies and conducted 47,426 home visits in part through our support. But our work is far from done. Take a look at some of the challenges NC faces and help spread the word: Investing in Healthier Families: Nurse-Family Partnership, A Promise for North Carolina’s Future.


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