Science Magazine Special Issue on Early Education

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 | Author: Vivian

Science Magazine has put out a special issue highlighting early care and education research. Article topics include:

  • A review of how preschools can teach cognitive skills, the ability to pay attention, follow directions, and function productively in groups, Diamond and Lee (p. 959)
  • How a teacher’s ability to support language and conceptual knowledge can foster early language skills, providing a foundation for later literacy, Dickinson (p. 964)
  • Effective ways to establish early grounding in math, Clements and Sarama (p. 968).
  • A review of longitudinal studies, including a review of FPG’s Abecedarian project,  and meta-analyses that demonstrate how educational interventions can produce persistent effects on cognitive, social, and schooling outcomes, Barnett (p. 975)


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