e-Learning Support for Smart Start Local Partnerships through the fabrikONE™ Learning Engagement Platform

A goal of fabrikONE™ is to provide a space where those working with children and families in North Carolina can go to engage in professional development, leverage knowledge from respected sources, and engage to share and solve problems.  Included on the platform are engaging asynchronous and synchronous online learning options for the North Carolina early childhood system.

The North Carolina Partnership for Children can support your Smart Start Local Partnership around e-learning opportunities through fabrikONE™ by: 1) Creating content helpful to you and others administering Smart Start;  2) Hosting or linking to your existing e-learning content; and 3) Creating opportunities for your to easily create, manage, and grow your own e-learning portfolio.

Services surrounding e-Learning that NCPC can provide to Smart Start Local Partnerships include:fabrikONE - Hot Air Balloon graphic

  1. Course design capacity | We work with a team of experienced instructional designers and can create an engaging online course for your users. (Professional development hosted in fabrikONE™ will maintain the banding and “ownership” of the Local Partnership that created it. Local Partnerships’ training teams can track users, make changes to the course, add/remove content, access reporting, etc. in order to best manage the course as it goes live.)
  2. A space for communities of practice to engage online | fabrikONE™ includes a virtual space for practitioners to connect, engage, and share learning around topics relevant to their role. Local Partnership staff can facilitate and manage their local discussions as they see fit. (Communities of Practice can be linked to courses.)
  3. Capacity to house or link to existing online courses | helping extend the reach of courses Local Partnerships may already have designed/created (Courses can be targeted to specific roles, regions, or groups of people or broadened to extend to reach across the state.)
  4. Data systems connectivity | fabrikONE™ is designed on a platform utilized by other states to bring together ECE data in powerful ways and has potential to support our work in North Carolina in similar ways. (i.e. Data might suggest what types of online professional development might be most helpful in certain areas of the state and help us get helpful content to those users.)

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AND, don’t miss our community of practice in partnership with the BUILD Initiative designed to support e-learning providers like you.  Engage with us and national partners around topics related to e-learning implementation.  Learn more.

For additional information or to schedule a “tour” of fabrikONE™, contact Kara Lehnhardt at 919.348.0232.



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